Donnerstag November

Florence / Alec Empire

Grelle Forelle Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 WIEN
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
  • Abendkasse 19.00
  • Vorverkauf 17.00
Florence / Alec Empire am 17. November 2016 @ Grelle Forelle.

ALEC EMPIRE (Atari Teenage Riot) performs a live electronic score to the controversial cinema documentary by PAUL POET (Empire Me, Schlingensiefs Container)
It´s a unique experience, a mending of film and music, of oral history and activist vision. it´s a full blow in the face of sexual abuse fighting against the deadly silence surrounding this tabooed issue. And: It´s a fascinating duet of subversive minds when the Berlin Godfather of IDM, Techno-Punk and Ambient Electronics meets with the leading Austrian kingpin of political documentary and genre-bending pulp to take a stand for Human Rights and Women´s Rights.
They show us a sensitive journey into a women´s life facing decades of horror. And they tell the story of the thrilling odyssey, how it took 50 years for this woman to learn to say “No!” for the first time in her life. Lush soundscapes in the vein of early Brian Eno, soundtracks of Graeme Revell to John Carpenter and Alec Empire´s own mid-90s genre-defining electronica albums on the Mille Plateaux-label accompany a movie testimonial like no other, that was compared by critics to Lars von Trier, Pasolini and Claude Lanzmann.