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Danny Macaskill – Life on the Edge (Red Bull Media House & Christie HQ, 2011)

Danny MacAskill is a YouTube superstar. His spectacular bike tricks won him fame online. But a decade of daredevil stunts has taken its toll on this young man from the Isle of Skye. He’s suffered a series of injuries and is now recovering from surgery on both his knee and his spine. He can’t ride yet, and although he sustained his injuries while riding, he dreams of getting back on his bike. Danny wants to know why young people take risks by pursuing ultimate sensations and extreme sports. He meets his heroes – many of whom are also stars of the YouTube era – to understand what drives them to take chances. Why do they seem so fearless compared to ‘normal’ people? And what do they actually gain from taking these incredible risks? As well as speaking to psychologists and scientists who may be able to provide some insights into the motivation behind such extraordinary risk-taking, Danny meets TT legend Guy Martin, fearless highliners The Frenchies and wingsuit proximity flyer Jokke Sommer. What will he learn? Are participants in extreme sports simply ‘adrenalin junkies’, or is that label fundamentally flawed? And can Danny resist the temptation to experience these sports himself?

Danny Macaskill: http://www.redbull.com/en/bike/athletes/1326300811270/danny-macaskill

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJwC0RBlZ1Q

Red Bull Rampage 2012 (Red Bull Media House & Freeride Entertainment, 2012)

‘Red Bull Rampage‘ – the very name sets the hearts of freeride enthusiasts racing. The first Rampage was held in 2001 at Zion National Park in Utah. It was the first official contest in the new discipline of freeride. The event set benchmarks and has regularly continued to define limits in freeriding. After some sporadic gaps and various relocations, ‘Red Bull Rampage‘ – one of the absolute highlights of the MTB event calendar – is returning to Utah in a twoyearly cycle. For 2012, again there is a spectacular trail among the national park’s bizarre rock formations. The jumps, drops and saltos displayed here by the world’s best riders will set the course for the sport’s future. It remains to be seen whether Cameron Zink, the 2010 champion, can defend his title. One thing is clear even now: ‘Red Bull Rampage‘ will again re-write freeride history.

Trailer: http://www.redbull.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/Video/Red-Bull-Rampage-2012-USA-Qualifying-021243266987166

Trailer 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbF6ZZqVMyk