Freitag Oktober

Fashionista - HalloWien

Aux Gazelles 1060 Wien
Einlass: 18:00 Uhr Beginn: 18:00 Uhr
  • Abendkasse 8.00

Gewinne 5 x 2 Karten

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Teilnahmeschluss: 23. Oktober 2018

Fashionista - HalloWien am 26. October 2018 @ Aux Gazelles.


Andreas Weisz


Shanti Roots


…before Halloween hits town!

On Friday October 26th Aux Gazelles will become the playground for the Burner Community again. For the second time we will welcome all costume seekers, festival chasers, fashion professionals, and music lovers at our legendary event.

Try our creations for free, combine and wear, however you like to play in this EXCLUSIVE opportunity. Look and feel your best as one of our glitter-fairies will treat you to a free festival makeup. Star in our professional fashion photoshoot and choose your favourite high quality image to keep.


We offer:

An EXCLUSIVE chance to wear our Collection for free only this night.

Enjoy a 15% sales discount On costumes only this night.

Free festival makeup and makeup tutorials.

Professional fashion photoshoot.

Free professional image of your choice.

Our one of a kind SoKool Fashion Show where you are the star.


Party to world class DJs


Scheibosan – Andreas Weisz – Gümix – Shanti Roots

Our gorgeous Glitter fairies will sparkle you up with our one of a kind festival makeup

SOKOOL Festival Fashion bazaar

Get your glorious costumes from our awesome collection (15% off only on this day!!!) or your new Halloween party gear!

6pm aperitif

8pm buffet

Drinks at all times!

Enjoy tasty foods at Aux Gazelles

6pm until 1am

SoKool Photo Zone

Our two professional photographers are ready to put you in the center of our high fashion photoshoot!

Dress up & get your professional pictures at the photo zone! We are offering this service free of charge and you will be able to receive your favorite shot.


Our famous crazy Fashion show, where each one of YOU will be a star! (practice your catwalk, babies! ;))


€5 before 11pm

Come children of style,

the time has come to play! >=)