Donnerstag Juni

Donnerstag ist das neue Schwarz!

SASS Music Club Karlsplatz 1, 1010 Wien
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
  • Abendkassa 8.00
  • Vorverkauf 0.00
  • Ziggy Kinder (ware, souvenir / de)
  • Luis Rosenberg (salon berlin)
  • Hans Jung (hirncréme, sass)
  • Nicke Dai (who?, sass)

Cologne based ZIGGY KINDER is renowned for his sweeping live performances and distinct and crystal clear house funk. He knows how to fill the often hollow term “live” with real life, energy, movement and passion. While everyone claims not to be staring at their notebooks, Ziggy definitely rocks and spreads his irresistibly positive vibes.
Now Mr. Kinder also roams a parallel universe: Already in 2007, he worked on his own personal definition of house, which is becoming more and more refined. It all started with “Que Pasa Maria” on Souvenir Records, run by the Tiefschwarz Brothers. The track opened several doors and broadened Ziggy’s fanbase. Since then he has systematically worked his way into the soul of his machines and cut back on speed and actions. Another highlight of this development was his slowmo slapbass slammer “Assbomb” in the autumn of 2009.
In February 2012, his second, new album “Barboom” will take it up a notch in terms of deepness and moodiness.
All this is not only reflected in his live sets, but also in his special DJ style. More than ever, his sound revolves around deepness and fat bass, while effects or gadgets are not his thing. Kinder has returned to a wholesome “less is more” approach without being pigeonholed as purely minimal. He can lean back and relax for he has found his perfect spot: Call it House, Club, or Party – Ziggy ventures outside the box and knows how to move some feet – as a live performer or DJ.
Ziggy Kinder has released 13 EPs and his debut album “Akkrobatik” on labels like WARE, Souvenir, Level, WIR, and Minimood.
His second album “Barboom” will be released on WARE in February 2012 on CD, vinyl EP and for download.