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DJ Taff presents THE LINK UP 2014

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LIVE: I-Razor + Don Dagga backed by The Vibez Empire Band + Jami Dread

Reggae Ragga Dancehall DJ-Line

The ‚cutting edge‘ I-razor is an uprising reggae/dancehall singjay from Austria/Europe. He was born as Konstantin Zwitter on the 15.09.1983 in Rum/Austria. The first contact to reggae music he had with 14 years when he founded the youth band ‚Babylon Crisis‘. He started to write reggae/dancehall lyrics and some years later 2004 he founded wid a friend (Selecta Izaak) the sound system ‚Dragunfyahsound‘. Soon they started to play at parties and events all over Austria, Slovenia and Italy. One year later he joined the skapunkreggae band ‚Sue Sound Circus‘, and in december 2006 he joined also the austrian reggae band ‚Millions of Dreads‘. In the last years he played over 400 shows all over Europe and could get a lot of stage experiences at big festivals like Rototom Sunsplash Italy, Chiemsee Reggae Summer Germany, Socha Riversplash Slovenia, or Frequency Festival Austria.

I-razor is creating reggae, dancehall and hip-hop tunes. With his vibrant lyrics he aims to make people rise and fight against the opression of minorities, racism and fascism! While spreading the message of love and understanding all over! In addition to his band projects, he is now starting his career as a solo artist, ready to hit the world with meaningful lyrics and melodies!


Don Dagga
Don Dagga is the stage name of Mr. Franklin Ehi, Nigerian dance hall-ragga artiste. A native of Benin City Edo State, Don Dagga is a Gemini, his birthday is June. From childhood he has been heavily influenced by Jamaican & Nigerian reggae, ragga, dancehall and singjay artistes, & also Afro beat Artistes. His favourite old school artistes include Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Fela Kuti, Peter Tosh,Mandators,Yellow man, Majek Fashek, Ninja Man, Sir Victor Uwaifo, Shabba Ranks and Lady Saw. His current influences include Sizzla, Capleton, Shaggy, Sean Paul etc. Singing and dancing since he was “a lickle pickini” Dagga is a natural on stage. Massive energy, charisma, supported by an incredibly flexible vocal range – capable of shifting instantly from Barry White smooth depth to a high distortion level. Don Dagga has been playing live since 1996. Toured with a lot of Nigerian acts and also later formed his own Ragga-Hip pop groups. In Lagos he released the album Freaky with the group WYSIWYG (acronym for What you See Is What You Get). Dondagga writes, arranges, and co-produces all of his songs. His music is about reality. Though he speaks more about love, unity and equality. the majority of his current album has to do with his experience. Don Dagga was also a featured artiste on “Jamming on Cloud 9,” the 2004 album of the Jamaican reggae artiste X-ana, with whom he also toured.
In 2008 he released a song in Austria title Fi Decades. Meaning For Decades. Expressing his experiences in music struggle over 10 years. The Album was very successful in his Home Land Nigeria, And gained allots of Audience in Austria, Jamaica, and some Countries in Africa‘ like Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, etc. And later in 2008 he featured in an Austrian Reggae Band Project with Rising Girl‘ Album title‘ Pure Fresh Breeze. He also has featured with so many other Austria And Nigeria musicians like Leo Aberer,Lolo, Rising Girl & Lil Dirty etc in 2012.
DonDagga is constantly touring Europe/Africa right now with his new band. He currently resides in Graz Austria, where he is currently in the studio finishing his new 12 tracks cd Project title “Bongo Na Bongo” 2014. Three samples from this CD can be found on this site. “Watch this space and feel free to link up. Together we can spread the message and do our best to Ragga-ize the whole planet, which is the noblest thing a Ragga-Massive can do.” Bless up!!!


Jami Dread
‚Jami Dread‘ (birth name: Stefan Prieler) was born in Baden in 1989. Ever since his early childhood, music has always been an important part of his life. He grew up mainly listening to ‚black‘ music genres, like Hip Hop and R&B, along with electronic based music like House and Techno. His grandfather was a big fan of Jamaican legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh; so his exposure to Reggae music came during the most influential part of his life, his early childhood.

While in school he realized that listening to music wasn’t fulfilling enough and his passion for making music began to emerge. His first stage experiences were made with local sound systems from his school area. From then on he performed at many small and big local events within the Lower Austrian and Vienna area. At the age of 21 he moved to Vienna where he got a job as a software engineer and began to invest money into his own recording studio. He started to work with the HighSquadzSound leader Oneil who recognized his talent and passion for music. He set up the link with the artist Indecka out of Lucea, Jamaica and fellow artists.

Together they’re trying to nurture their own label “Lyrical War Records” to bring it to a high level of recognition.


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special guest: Duppy Conqueror & Kings Crown Sound
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