Samstag Juli

Dead Sea Diaries feat. Etapp Kyle

Grelle Forelle Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 WIEN
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
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  • Mainfloor

  • ETAPP KYLE / Klockworks / Ostgut / Berghain Resident – Berlin
  • MATT MOR / Meat Recordings / Wechselstrom

  • 2nd floor

  • BØRT / Meat Recordings / Meat Market
  • CHRIS KLEIN / Wechselstrom
  • FŒRE / Wechselstrom

Dear Diary,

I’m standing on the eastern shore of the dead sea, 
watching the ocean, collecting my thoughts.
I came across this guy called Jonas and listened to his stories. 
His tales were as beautiful as the sea. 
He clearly triggered something in me though. 
I once met a girl named Anetha,
and I was warned about dark places in a distant land. 

The stories she had told on Mount Sodom were frightening, 
yet compelling. They made me curious.

But then … black. I don’t remember how I made it this far. 
Mount Sodom was too far away. Something brought me here. 
Our brief encounter lasted not long enough and I can’t rely on perception.

Did I dream about Mount Sodom? 
Had I ever reached the summit?
It felt so real. It left a feeling in my guts. 

There’s this guy in the distance. 
It seems like he’s watching the sea.
His silhouette reminds me of someone. 
Someone I’ve heard stories of that I almost forgot.

As salt pebbles spread across my toes
while I’m walking over the sand, a thought struck me. 

I remembered. It’s the man from the stories. 
The man in my head. 
Now I know why I came here.
My head seemed cloudy, but my memories came back.
Like sun rays bursting through fog in a cold faraway place,
my memories ignited a fire of thoughts.
It struck me like lightning. 

As I reached the man, I discovered the book he held in his hands.
The title was „Tales from a distant land.“