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Conflict Of Sound

Fluc Praterstern 5, 1020 WIEN
Einlass: 21:00 Uhr Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
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Daniel Higgs/Michael Zerang

Support: Primordial Undermind

a shamanic sonic summit at fluc with Michael Zerang (percussion)/Daniel Higgs (modified banjo, vocals) duo (USA) : densely interwoven improvisations that draw on traditional forms taken in defiantly unexpected directions.

Daniel Higgs is best known as the singer/lyricist of Lungfish, but he has carved out his own distinctive place with solo records of apocalyptic songcraft, raga banjo and iconoclastic artistry. Higgs’ performances possess a unique essence of spirituality and an ecstatic atmosphere that summon the audience into his psychedelic world.
“It´s not that his artistic output simply eludes classification, it defies it. Often we hear that a true work of art is meant to speak for itself, and with the work of Daniel Higgs the maxim rings truer than ever. His art is of the cosmos.” – Thrill Jockey

Michael Zerang has co-founded and performed with The Neutrino Orchestra, Trio Troppo, The Blue Angels, Frozen Lucy, Musica Menta, The Vandermark Quartet, In Zenith, and Broken Wire . Zerang also performs with Fred Anderson, Mats Gustafsson, Raymond Strid, Peter Brötzmann, Kent Kessler, Barre Phillips, Jim Baker, Hamid Drake, Ken Vandermark, and Fred Lonberg-Holm.
“Michael Zerang is a genuine percussionist, his assured and energetic rhythmic sense couple with an ear for the melodic and coloristic potential of his instruments.” – Julian Cowley, The WIRE

Primordial Undermind (A/USA) > Impro/Psych:

A blur of indefinite energy. An ecstatic dance dissolving the corrupted fabric of causality, invoking singularity, bleeding at the edges. Labyrinthine mirrored corridors of abstraction sporadically lit by fires of irrationality. An oscillating neurochemical ouroboros feeding a crescendo of standing wave drone through each molecular bond in the corporeal manifestation of collective reality

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