Mittwoch März

Bock auf Dancehall

Ride Club 1090 Wien
Einlass: 22:00 Uhr Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
  • Abendkassa 3.00
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Bock auf Dancehall am 1. March 2017 @ Ride Club.

Line Up

✖ O.S.F Sound
✖ Tu-Gedda Sound
✖ Badd Ras Sound
✖ more tba

Bock auf Kreativität präsentiert

‚Bock auf Dancehall‘

✔️Dancehall, Hip Hop & Reggaeton✔️

Ab 16 Jahren

Der Erlös dieser Veranstaltung kommt dem Projekt Bock auf Dancehall zu Gute.


Vienna’s own O.S.F Sound was founded in 2005 by Father Diaz, who immediately started making Waves in the Austrian Dancehall-Scene. Soon after, longtime affiliates Vibestah and Clasha officially joined the Sound and the Musical journey began. The Dubbox as well as the Reputation grew and over the years O.S.F Sound became one of the best known and booked Sounds in all of Austria, famous for mixing Dancehall and Hip Hop as well as other musical genres into their Sets.
Besides juggling at all notable Locations in and around Vienna and Germany, O.S.F won the Showdown Soundclash against Ironshirt and Kiki HiFi in 2007.
When it comes to Quality Juggling and professional Stage Performance, Father Diaz is your Entertainer!


when it comes to reggae- & dancehallmusic in austria, there’s no way to ignore this highly talented young-guns from lower austria. still on the rise this crew already looks back on an interesting history though:

founded in the middle of last decade, they starded promoting dances in 2007 which led to their first country-side regular called ‚come-a-yard‘ in 2008. in the same year they released their first mixtape – ‚picking up clear‘ in collaboration with jamaican artist ‚lawgiver‘ – and joined the ‚oneculture camp‘. 2009 after several showcases with this movement all around austria and it’s end, they took over the ‚king’s tone club‘ – one of austria’s most continuously regulars since ’06 – from it’s founder king 1ouis! so since 2010 they are runing their own regular, showing their skillz all across europe & austria and also upon their several mixtapes – from newtunes to classic stuff!