Mittwoch Mai

BLVZE X Sully X Danny Scrilla

Opera Club Mahlertraße 11, 1010 Wien
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 06:00 Uhr
  • Abendkassa 0.00

Gewinne 2 x 2 Karten

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Teilnahmeschluss: 28. Mai 2019

BLVZE X Sully X Danny Scrilla am 29. May 2019 @ Opera Club.

* Sully (UK)
Keysound Recordings / Black Acre

* Danny Scrilla (GER)
Cosmic Bridge / Civil Music


* P.TAH x B. Ranks (AT)
BLVZE Residents

SULLY – bit.ly/SullyBass
Sully aka Jack Stevens is an understated folk hero, a low key elusive bass producer with a fiercely passionate fanbase. Long before the UK garage revival kicked in and “future” garage had even been dreamt up, Sully began finding a space between 2step’s swing, dubstep’s edge and breakbeat’s drums, all underpinned by the rude spirit of jungle. He displayed a deft touch for heart-breaking melodies that could touch people as much as the ruff sub bass could hit them.

DANNY SCRILLA – bit.ly/ScrillaBass
Danny Scrilla aka Daniel Pirkl debuted on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge imprint in 2012. After experimenting with tempo and style, he found comfort in the 160-170bpm range, exploiting slow/fast halftime tempos and combining them with the dark, sparse sonic essence of ’06 OG Dubstep. No surprise that Dub and Soundsystem culture heavily influence the Scrilla sound.


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