Freitag April

Blurum 13 Live!

Cafe Leopold Salon Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
Einlass: 00:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
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Native of Washington, BluRum13 distils with mastery a hypnotizing velvet flow which seduces the crowd. Talented with an innate musical sense, the texture of his emblematic groovy voice reveals at the same time his humble and captivating character. Witness and actor of a new Hip Hop era, his sweet & sour voice illuminates the verbal colors of a contagious rap. His energetic tempo underlines his organic flow which he drops with a quasi surrealistic naturalness ! Indeed, he takes over the compositions with an incredible facility, imposes himself on the front of a scene that he invests like no other.

Up to now, he collaborated with: ‘DJ Vadim’, ‘Luke Vibert’ and ‘Kid Koala’, from the incontrovertible label Ninja Tune. In this way, the famous and various concerts of the ‘One Self’ crew enabled him to acquire an international notoriety. Recently invited on the ‘US3’ tour, he also collaborated with the French artists: ‘Ez3kiel’, ‘Missil’ and ‘DJ ClicK’. We also had the opportunity to rediscover him beside the Swiss band of abstract electro hip hop: ‘Reverse Engineering’. The fruit of his recent collaboration is just out, with the ‘Tell Me You Love It’ & ‘The Hip-Hop’ EP, produced by ‘Aquasky’, the masters of the UK electro-jungle-dmb dance floor !

In a few days, BluRum13 will offer us a 4th powerful and eclectic solo LP ‘Inverted Marsupials’, an additional stage on the road of a universal career blended by multiple encounters.