Freitag August

Belleville Nights with Ejeca and Cid Rim

Pratersauna Waldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020 Wien
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
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Belleville Nights with Ejeca and Cid Rim am 16. August 2013 @ Pratersauna.


  • ▲ EJECA (Aus Music / Tusk Wax / 2020 Vision – UK)
  • ▲ MOOGLE (Bebop Rodeo / Comfortzone Rec.)
  • ▲ WOODCUT (Wien / Graz)
  • ▲ BOLEK (Bande à Part)


  • ▲ CID RIM (Affine Records / Lucky Me)
  • ▲ SALUTE (Soulection)
  • ▲ RAVE RABBIT (Prasselbande)


  • ▲ MONTAGE SAUVAGE (sound:frame AV)
  • ▲ MATIJÆ (Prasselbande)
  • ▲ LICHTERLOH (Pratersauna)

// Dedication. This quest is surrounded by dedicated people. Temporary success was achieved. We got back what we deserve. Still, the war is far from over.
// Ambition. The city is craving for arts & music on a high level. There’s no support coming from them. In the end we will achieve the stimulation of our bodies & minds through intense preparation.
// People. Every attempt on bringing life back permanently fails miserably without involving the people. The reasons those nights are unforgettable are undoubtedly the stories you tell. Make no mistake about it, we know who you are and we will make all the efforts necessary to make you feel home.
One more time we ask you to join our cause and make this night special & memorable.
Come home.
Come home to Belleville.