Donnerstag März

Beatmaker Sessions

Fluc Praterstern 5, 1020 WIEN
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
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20:00 MASCHINE Workshop
22:00 Beatmaker L!VE Slot
22:30 Beatmaker DJ-Set
22:45 L!VE Guest – Comfort Fit
23:30 Beatmaker DJ-Set

MASCHINE Workshop by Comfort Fit
MASCHINE is the tactile control center for your groove production and performance environment. Learn how to go from solid beats to finished productions in record time. Product specialist Comfort Fit will demo MASCHINE´s most important features and explain how to use MASCHINE´s new multi-color pads to turbocharge your workflow.
Please note: Workshop language is German
Product Specialist: Comfort Fit

MASCHINE Product Specialist Comfort Fit has remixed such well-known artists as Laurent Garnier and De-Phazz, and is a composer and producer of music for advertisement and film. His jaw-dropping performance skills, beatmaking techniques, and experience teaching artists and producers the craft of beat production give him the ideal skill set to showcase the power of MASCHINE.

BEATMAKER DJ-SET “The Future of Music”
Any Beatmaker can submit tracks for the Dj-Set till 07.03.2013, 6pm.
Upload your your track via www.soundcloud.com/beatmakersessions/dropbox or send download link to beatmaker@smartguns.eu

BEATMAKER L!VE SLOT Any Beatmaker can apply for a 30 minute live slot, till 4.03.2013. Send short biopgrahy and link to artist pages to beatmaker@smartguns.eu.

BEATMAKER “The Future of Music” SESSIONS is an experimental multi genre night. The aim is to support the Austrian music community with all its players. Especially, music producers who want to get their music out and pump their beats/tracks over a proper sound-system for a live crowd. Producers get the chance to submit a beat previous to any session to be included in the BEATMAKER DJ-Set. Additionally Beatmaker can also apply for a 30 minute BEATMAKER L!VE Slot. And as a special treat a SPECIAL L!VE GUEST is invited for each Beatmaker Session. Events are being held on a monthly basis.

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