Samstag Dezember

Basstrace 044 /w RSD, Fearless Dread, DubApe and Derryl Danston

rhiz - bar modern U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien
Einlass: 22:00 Uhr
  • Abendkasse 12.00
Basstrace 044 /w RSD, Fearless Dread, DubApe and Derryl Danston am 14. December 2019 @ rhiz - bar modern.

◇ RSD (UK)
Punch Drunk Music, ZamZam Sounds

◇ Fearless Dread (UK)
Juan Forté

◇ DubApe (AT)
Encrypted Audio, Surfase Records

◇ Derryl Danston (AT)

◇ Residents
ronin saedi

Visuals by Fractasl (Syrup Visuals)




While many of us still were into the Billboard top 100 or even haven’t been born, Rob Smith has already been one of the leading figures of Bristol bass music. As one part of the prolific duo Smith & Mighty, he was serving as a model to the likes of none other than Massive Attack or Tricky, constantly refining the rough origins of Dubstep around Trip Hop, 2-Step, Garage and Jungle way ahead. Under the moniker RSD he had releases on labels like Peverelist’s Punch Drunk Music or ZamZam Sounds more recently.
We are tremendously honoured to welcoming such a well respected producer/DJ veteran to our final dance of the year.

Being two well respected producers on their own, Arkwright and Chuckman joined forces to create a raw and classical sound that is still absolutely on par with today’s productions.

The long overdue comeback of DubApe is finally happening. According to his recent output, he will be tearing down the place as always with technical finesse.

Derryl Danston is the next comrade that will be joining us for our upcoming installment. Representing SHENRON, the steady Viennese DJ and producer will surely be showing up in excellent shape.

Our very own ronin saedi will be rounding off the lineup with his otherworldly sound. Make sure to drop him a follow here and there to keep up to date with his upcoming stuff.