Freitag März

Basstrace 022 - System Session

Fluc Wanne Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
  • Abendkassa 12.00
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Basstrace 022 - System Session am 10. March 2017 @ Fluc Wanne.

Cosmic Bridge, Artikal Music UK – [Listen: http://bit.ly/2lscEeq]

◢ Bisweed (EE)
Paradise Lost Recordings, Gourmetbeats – [Listen: http://bit.ly/2jOouub]

◢ Korrupt (NL)
FatKidOnFire – [Listen: http://bit.ly/2k3hP0i]

Resident DJs
◢ Dubnius
◢ Isonoe

Resident VJ
◢ Syrup Visuals


Basstrace is here to share, enjoy and recultivate the trueschool roots of Dubstep. Providing an alternative to the mainstream. Beyond mass spectrum.

TMSV is one of the most exciting artists in the Dubstep scene as we know it today. He has consistently delivered tough, sub-focussed tracks that demonstrate both his musical aptitude and his desire to create fresh and forward thinking beats. Over the years his back catalogue grew to an astounding plurality of different DIY-releases, labels, collabs, and sub styles between the 140 and 160 bpm. TMSV is a perfectionist behind the decks who has so far murdered numerous dancefloors all across the continent. Vienna, meet your fate, it is going to happen again.

Bisweed is a 23 year old DJ producer prodigy from Tallinn, Estonia. Influenced by many musical genres, his production has a unique universal appeal where every listener feels home and complete. Constantly collaborating with instrumentalists, vocalists, and producers he manages to deliver signature low-end focussed, melodic sounds. His record bag for Vienna holds rare gems, personal dubplates and loads of fresh beats. Bisweed will broaden your heart and mind indeed.

Located in the Netherlands, Korrupt is a key figure in pushing contemporary bass music worldwide. He co-owns the infamous FatKidOnFire, writing a piece of history in Dubstep every day. Well connected, Korrupt can be understood as a fire detector for all the hot dubs blazing up, making him a keeper of the wickedest material from top and upcoming producers globally.

Special thanks, love and respect to our friends from Sub Audio Records, who are kindly sharing Korrupt with us, while they are hosting their second label night at the same date upstairs. #WanneBass extended can come. Donate – and make it a date!

>>> Sub Audio Session #2 w/ Korrupt & Vienna Rootikal