Freitag August

APARTMENT ACHT invites ONUR ÖZER w/ David, Dorian Mast & Voodoo77

Praterstrasse / PRST Praterstraße 18, 1020 Wien
Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
  • pre-sale 14.00
  • Abendkassa 16.00
APARTMENT ACHT invites ONUR ÖZER am 18. August 2023 @ Praterstrasse / PRST.
Committed to developing Vienna’s electronic music scene, as well as the cultural and social life, Apartment 8 isn’t only a record & concept store, but also an event series that strives to inspire and have a lasting impact. For their first event at PRST, A8 invites none other than Onur Özer, a veteran and legend of the underground electronic music scene. Mixing styles effortlessly, combining new and the old without a hitch alongside his calm, unpretentious posture based on more than 20 years of relentless digging, producing and performing, makes Onur a unique musical mastermind. Özer’s passion for vinyl and his dedication when it comes to digging, are promising a musical experience unlike any other. Known for his captivating sound and impeccable mixing, he will take us on a sonic journey. We are thrilled to welcome him to PRST on August 18th. The lineup will be rounded off by the Apartment Acht Residents David, Dorian Mast & Voodoo77.
Artwork by Tobias Raschbacher

23H – Tickets 10€/14/€16€

Ticket info: Please note that you can buy a limited amount of friends tickets (10€) in the A8-Shop or via DM/email. Regular pre-sale (14€) and AK (16€) are available as well.

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