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Aparecidos Live!

Cafe Leopold Salon Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
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Aparecidos sind die beiden argentinischen Brüder Santiago and Facundo Moreno gemeinsam mit ihren italienischen Bandkollegen Mattia Tommasini, Tommaso Rolando, Santo Fiorelli, Marco Ravera und Manuel Merialdo.

Musikalisch bewegen sie sich zwischen Tango, Milonga, Jazz und Folk und gastieren nun endlich im Leopold.

Offizieller Pressetext:

LOS APARECIDOS – argentango Santiago and Facundo Moreno, guitarbrothers from Buenos Aires, arrived in Italy in 2002 and started the band, with Mattia Tommasini on violin, as a trio, playing in different festivals and clubs around Genoa. The sound of the band is very influenced by different cultures, from the roots of Buenos Aires’ Rio de la Plata through a fusion of Tango, Milonga and folk music ‘del interior’. In 2004 Tommaso Rolando (double-bass) and Santo Florelli (drums and percussions) join the band and the sound is becoming more and more interesting, with new influences from the background of the musicians, from jazz to rythm experimentation, they carry the listener gently through different soundscapes.

In the last year and a half they played in many differnet places, like the Ghironda street festival in Martina Franca (south Italy), a tour around Moscow with the russian singer Tatiana Zakharova and different collaborations in theatre shows like ‘La maschera della morte rossa’ from E.A. Poe and ‘Froken Julie’ from August Strindberg. They also toured around Italy from Ventimiglia to Rome and recently presented at ‘Teatro della Tosse’ of Genoa a show mixing music and literature about dictature in Argentina and italian immobilsm, named :’Malevo, il vento ti spinge a terre strane’.(Malevo, the wind leads you towards strange lands)


Santiago Moreno: chitarra classica
Facundo Moreno: chitarra classica, charango
Mattia Tommasini: violino
Tommaso Rolando: contrabbasso
Santo Fiorelli: batteria
Marco Ravera: chitarra elettrica
Manuel Merialdo: percussioni