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Ana Loureiro - To map. To document. To revisit

die Schöne Kuffnergasse 7, 1160 Wien
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr Beginn: 19:00 Uhr
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Ana Loureiro - To map. To document. To revisit am 4. July 2019 @ die Schöne.

To map. To document. To revisit
Ana Loureiro

Home is a private space. If exist a shared house system, the bedroom is even more private than the rest of the house.

In those private spaces cohabit two parallel universes of memories: the one made of private/personal memories – successes, failures, intimacy, introspection – and at the same time the one made of collective memories shared with people whom lived in the same space with me and shared common areas. There is where those parallel universes might intersect.

More than an autobiographical aspect, the essential point in this project is to create a memory connection with the spaces represented and make a retrospective analysis of my interaction with them. The memory and its relationship can be translated into a number, a hand writing, a document, a floor plan, an object, an episode or simply the transcription of a sentence that was heard.

To map. To document. To revisit is a transdisciplinary “work in progress”.
The purpose is to lead the viewer to immerse and interpret the narrative that is being construct through the three phases: map, document and revisit. For that purpose, the way the works are display is a crucial aspect to guide the reflexive exercise.
There is always a map which in an indirect way, geographically identifies and begins the documentary route of each house. On the other hand, the documentary process is not limited to the collection of facts, but fragments that involuntarily occur in my memory and indicate something relative to these spaces and characterise them. They are the ones that involuntarily occur in my memory because of their more emotional and/or affective side.

Opening: 04.07.2019 – 19h

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Ana Loureiro is a visual artist living and working in Vienna since 2013.
She graduated in Fine Arts – Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto University and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna during her last graduation semester.
Currently, her artistic practice focuses in the relationship between architecture and memory taking in consideration her personal experience and through an interdisciplinary approach. Her projects have been already presented in several countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Portugal.
Conciliating with her artistic activity, she is a member and curator of the non-profit collective called Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory based in Vienna which its main focus is the intersection between art, technology and feminism.