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6 Years Seayou Records

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6 Years Seayou Records

04 V TEAM (DJ)

Japanther is an art project, established by Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek circa 2001 while attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. They’ve collaborated with a variety of artists including Penny Rimbaud, Dan Graham, Eileen Myles, VEKS, robbinschilds, Dawn Riddle, Claudia Meza, Todd James, Devin Flynn, Ninjasonik, Anita Sparrow and Spankrock. Japanther was featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial and the 2011 Venice Biennale. In late 2011 they held a residency at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in New York. Celebrating over ten years in the underground, Japanther have made a name for themselves in unique performance situations, such as alongside synchronized swimmers, atop the Williamsburg Bridge, as well as with giant puppets, marionettes and shadow puppets, out of the back of a moving truck in SOHO, and shows with giant dinosaurs and BMXers flying off the walls.
Described most recently as “art-rock installation paratroopers” and “a studied form of New Wave anarchism” by Flash Art, a “Performance Galaxy” by Vanity Fair, “Super hard, incredibly fast and overall inspiring” by Thrasher, “more accessible than other bands of its genre” by the New Yorker, and “the best band ever, straight up” by Tokion, Japanther has always been a band apart, running the gamut from performance art to punk rock and back again. Pushing parties to the limit (“Lincoln Center punk-rock concert turned mini-riot” -New York Post), Japanther returns with Beets, Limes and Rice, a celebration of ten years in the underground and an ultra-contemporary meditation on catharsis and being in love in a time of darkness. Following on the heels of Rock `n´ Roll Ice Cream (2010), Beets, Limes and Rice was again recorded in the hills of Los Angeles with producer Michael Blum, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna (Like a Prayer, Who´s That Girl), Pink Floyd and Suicidal Tendencies. From Venice Beach to Rockaway Beach, this new album delivers a new urban punk rock dance sound that bursts with California sunshine and amped-up collaborations with Ninjasonik, Erick Lyle, Total Warr and John McIntyr. Beets, Limes and Rice was written in the midst of “It Never Seems to End,” an 84-hour performance piece in Vienna, Austria for TBA 21; in Paris, Venice, during cross-country travel from Juarez to Brooklyn to Bellingham, and lots of airports in between.

Formed in Vienna by permateens who believe in the power of sixteeen years olds! Trying hard in squeezing out some tunes out of their shitty gear while drinking loads of beer. Somebody told me that their musick sounds like G.G. Allin and Roy Orbison in some kind of heavy petting infight while Paul Collins is having dinner with Cindy Lauper in a fancy fish restaurant. Duh!? By the way, these four punx recently got beaten up backstage by Jesse Pinkman, Snoop Lion and Lindsay Lohan during the opening ceremony of The World Bong

Anbuley was born in Vienna to Ghanaian parents, lived in Ghana from age 4 to 9, and in Vienna since then. She sees herself both fully as Ghanaian and European, no compromises, an African girl who can also talk some serious Viennese slang. Her look at European culture is one from close range, but she has never lost touch with Ghanaian culture and her heritage. Her African influence is just as contemporary with no hint of nostalgia or melancholy. This finds expression in her music: an amalgam of influences making you dance no matter where you´re from.
The Oleee EP is the latest work of Ghanaian-Austrian singer Anbuley. It blends modern, eclectic dance music with Ghanaian tradition. Acknowledging her roots Anbuley exclusively sings in Ga, one of the many languages spoken in Ghana. The three tracks on this EP are produced by Viennese producer and label owner Florian Richling (Tipanic). The instrumentals combine organic beats, energetic electronic sounds, catchy melodies and clubby basslines. They fuse straight European dancefloor-pragmatism with playful African rhythms inspired by Angolan Kuduro and South African Kwaito.
The title track Oleee deals with the relief and the positive energy, after being unhappily in love, to accept, finish and start a new life. Tokota is a track about a big passion of Anbuley: high heels. The chorus line imitates the sound of heels hitting the floor while dancing. S3k3 describes how everyone has his crazy moments in life and reminds us to be patient with others who we think are crazy.

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