Samstag November

2YRS Variety

Auslage Lerchenfelder Gürtel 43, 1160 Wien
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 23:00 Uhr

Gewinne 2 x 1 Karte

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Teilnahmeschluss: 24. Oktober 2018

2YRS Variety am 24. November 2018 @ Auslage.

● Main:
Gebetho B2B Scherlenbacher [Tiefton Anomalien / FJU:]
Hator [Hatorrecords, DE]
Sharee B2B Kono [ Pure Dope Digital / FJU:]

● Barfloor:
jD. [Voyager Network]
Braco [Moonrise]
Eren Duman B2B Bora [FJU:]

● Visuals:
Mehrdad Derafshi [FJU:]

● Start: 23h

● Students: 5€ [All night with valid Stud.ID]
● Regular 5€ <00:00> 7€


● In the last two years we’ve been trying to bring a fresh musical wind into the Viennese electronic scene by inviting musicians representing a new wave of house and techno music, which we think is still very underrepresented in Vienna. In addition to names such as Love over Entropy, Aera, BOg, Denis Horvat, Sandrino, Mononoid ect. we’ve always tried to connect local dj’s and artists giving them space to present their work at our events.

We are consistently working on the idea of new concepts while bending and joining various creative minds, in order to generate art projects and shape the VARIETY idea in terms of music and art – which we will continue to do in the future.

Join us at this celebration at our beloved Club Auslage.
Our lineup is full of musical variety and will make you move through the whole night. For everything else there will be free shots of Rakija 🛸