25 Feb

Carnival of the WickeD- Vandal+E-Coli

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Drum and Bass
Sa, 25. Februar 2017 / 23:00 Uhr
Flex - Flex Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Wien
VVK: 12.00 € AK: keine Angabe


Step right up and join the grandest Rave on Earth, The Carnival of the Wicked is back in town!! this time featuring:

The Marvellous E-coli (Amen4Tekno Records, Ringe Raja Records), The Amazing Vandal (KAOTIK Sound System (UK), The Astonishing Sista Lisa Unity Circus Unity Circus), The Mindbogiling Constant Irie LiveAct (Kickass+ Selecta Mahesh, Constant Irie crew), The Infamous WickedSquad ( Kathi Mariposa+ Spaceant WickedSquad)

featuring for the first time and exclusively on our Sideshow Floor the World-Premiere-Sensations, World's Only Known and Scientifically Proven: The ENCHANTING MERMAID, The Last REAL UNICORN (Alive!!) and The GROTESQUE ARACHNE (Half Human-Half Spider)!

Please Try Not To Faint!!

Enjoy throwing your money down the drain at Ball Toss or get yourself ripped-off by our Fortune

Teller Madame Xanadu!!

Visual Jollifications by The Spectacular Missg Visuals + Gipsy Green


Vorverkaufskarten gibts im Runch! Comics,
Kaiserstrasse 5, 1070, Mo-Fr: 11-19:00, Sa: 10-18:00)

#WICKED ongoing RaggaJungleTekBashmentRaveParty in Vienna #WickedSquad #Spaceant WickedSquad #Basstart- Austrias Nr1 Raggatek Party #Constant Irie crew # Unity Circus
#MURDA NOIZ #Missg Visuals #WICKED ongoing RaggaJungleTekBashmentRaveParty in Vienna #RAGGATEK RULES #RAGGATEK AUSTRIA #Runch Comics


  • Runch! Comics |
    Kaiserstrasse 5, 1070 Wien,

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Alle Fotos von Wicked

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